Welcome! We are the Lab for Human-AI Interaction in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. Our research is positioned at the intersection of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and human-computer interaction.

We build human-AI systems that empower people and benefit humanity. Our current research directions include:



Dan Weld
Professor Emeritus, General Manager & Chief Scientist at Semantic Scholar (AI2)

PhD Alumni

Benjamin Lee Assistant Professor at UW Information School
Quanze (Jim) Chen Postdoc at University of Washington
Sherry Tongshuang Wu Assistant Professor at CMU
Gagan Bansal Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research
Jonathan Bragg Senior Research Scientist at AI2
Christopher Lin Researcher at Microsoft/Semantic Machines
Lydia Chilton Professor at Columbia University
Andrey Kolobov Research Manager at Microsoft Research
Raphael Hoffmann Director of Engineering at Google Research
Peng Dai Senior Manager at JD Finance
Eytan Adar Associate Professor at University of Michigan
Krzysztof Gajos Professor at Harvard
Corin Anderson Software Engineer at Google
Tessa Lau Founder/CEO at Dusty Robotics

MS/BS Alumni

Ryan Drapeau MS, Software Engineer at Stripe
Daniel Gorrie MS, Software Engineer at Stripe
Shih-Wen Huang MS, Co-founder at Jizhi.co
Ziyao Huang BS, Software Engineer at Amazon
Diana Iftimie BS, Software Engineer at Microsoft
Stephen Jonany MS, Software Engineer at Snowflake
Lynsey Liu BS, Software Engineer at Pinwheel
Kyle Xiao MS, Quantitative Developer at Jump Crypto
Joyce Zhou MS, PhD Student at Cornell University